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74 per cent of people use cannabis to replace or reduce intake of pharmaceuticals

In a recent report by Doctor Francis D' Ambrosio, medical marijuana patients most successfully replaced medication with marijuana for a variety of different conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

March 26, 2018  By Staff

Medical marijuana is utilized by a wide variety of patients, and 40 different conditions were named. With prescription opioid abuse costing U.S. citizens an estimated $78.5 billion per year, could medical marijuana be the answer not only for patients health, but for the economy as well?

The report surveyed patients from Dr. D’Ambrosio’s medical practice, and sought to find out what conditions patients use cannabis for, their preferred ingestion methods, the feeling they seek when using cannabis, and if they have used cannabis to replace or reduce their intake of any other prescription medications. In total 4,276 people were surveyed who live in and around California.

Key findings:

  • Cannabis is most often used to replace/act as an adjunct to opioids and antidepressants
  • Men and women use cannabis in almost equal amounts – 53.7 per cent vs. 46.3 per cent
  • Most people get their cannabis from a dispensary
  • Most medical marijuana users tend to be in their 30s. For CBD, however, the median and mean age is 41.8 and 44.0 years-old respectively
  • Most patients use less than 3 grams a day
  • Most patients use cannabis daily
  • Smoking cannabis was by far the preferred method of ingestion – 41.7 per cent chose this method
  • Edibles and vaping were the next most common, with 28.0% and 27.9 per cent of users preferring this method
  • Many people appear to use cannabis in order to relieve pain and anxiety, as well as to relax and get to sleep
  • Indicas are used more frequently across the board, and are used to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, relax the muscles and so on.


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