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Acute and chronic pain workshop

April 21, Barrie, ON – Andrew MacWha and Elise Walmsley-MacWha, creators of the Will to Heal Technique, invite RMTs to join them in an audio-visual journey through the mind and body.

April 28, 2011  By Massage Therapy Canada

The workshop will be held at the Suite Works in Barrie Ontario on Saturday, May 28, 2011. 

The Will to Heal Technique Workshop will provide you with the tools you need to help you help your patients (and yourself) reduce or eliminate pain by demonstrating how to activate the body’s natural pharmacy. Attendees will also be provided with the understanding of how thoughts influence the production and distribution of the chemical messengers produced in the body in order to naturally reduce pain. Finally, the workshop teaches how to form a relationship with pain that reduces the stress and tension associated with pain. This relationship is based on the premise that accepting pain reduces pain while fighting pain can actually increase pain. 

For more information on the Will To Heal Workshop and technique, including registration details for the workshop, please visit

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