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Alberta wants residents to talk about wellness

May 27, 2014 – Albertans are invited to share ideas and inspire new ways to improve wellness in communities across the province.

The province’s new program, Let’s Talk about Wellness, engages residents and aims to broaden Albertans’ collective understanding of health and wellness and shift conversations from the delivery of healthcare to the factors that contribute to wellness.

May 27, 2014  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

Let’s Talk about Wellness conversations begin this fall, led by the
associate minister of wellness, Dave Rodney, and chief medical officer
of health, Dr. James Talbot. Albertans can visit to express their interest in taking part.

will have an opportunity to join together and share their wellness
priorities this fall through local community events and online

“Alberta has become a leader in disease prevention
and wellness, but there is so much more that we can do – that’s why
we’re asking Albertans to participate in this important conversation. I
encourage all Albertans to think about the possibilities we have to
strengthen our collaboration and broaden the amazing opportunities for
Albertans to enjoy a greater degree of wellness,” said Rodney.

Let’s Talk about Wellness engagement supports Alberta’s Strategic
Approach to Wellness, which aims to improve health outcomes for
Albertans by addressing the social, economic and environmental factors
that contribute to health and wellness.


“Wellness is more than
not being sick or hurt – it is something we build together with our
families, schools, communities and workplaces, in our parks and
playgrounds, the places we live, the air we breathe and the choices we
make. Promoting wellness in our communities requires all of us to work
together as individuals, families, communities, business and
governments. The true wealth of our province is our people – promoting
the wellness of Albertans is essential to our future,” said Talbot.

Government of Alberta has undertaken a number of initiatives over the
past few years to help improve the quality of life for Albertans,
including: Tobacco Reduction Strategy; Get Outdoors Weekend;
International Symposium on Wellness; U-Walk; Healthy U initiatives;
5&1 Experiment; Social Policy Framework; Poverty Reduction Strategy;
and Early Childhood Development.

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