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Anti-aging, sleep ehancing enVy Pillow

enVy PillowMay 18, 2010 – Young Innovations Inc. has introduced the enVy Pillow – a new, made in Canada product designed with two objectives: to wake up feeling good and looking good. 

May 18, 2010  By Massage Therapy Canada

May 18, 2010 – Young Innovations Inc. has introduced the enVy Pillow—a new, made in Canada product designed with two objectives: to wake up feeling good and looking good. This new pillow prevents sleep lines and promotes optimum wellness and comfort by providing proper head, and neck as well as spinal support.

enVy Pillow  


Kathy Young Keefe, president of Young Innovations, Inc.,stated that “ traditional foam and feather pillows are not ergonomically designed for neck, shoulder and spinal alignment. Sleeping on a substandard pillow can cause pain, discomfort and sleep deprivation resulting in a myriad of health problems including structural stress, TMJ, irritability, poor concentration, fatigue, and premature aging."

The state of the art; patent pending enVy™ pillow has a revolutionary v-shaped design and is a valuable asset in reducing the signs of aging while promoting health and wellbeing:

  • The unique ergonomic V-Shaped design cradles the head to help minimize facial compression
    causing sleep lines.

  • The chiropractic endorsed cervical neck support helps stabilize the neck and prevent head rotation
    for maximum comfort and restorative sleep when the body is properly aligned. enVy™ offers two.

  • levels of support depending on your preference

  • The central bubble pattern helps to provide maximum air circulation and proper head positioning for
    added comfort

  • enVy™ is made with hypo-allergenic memory foam which helps resists dust mites, is naturally
    antimicrobial and self-moulding for optimal support

  • enVy™ comes with a durable travel bag allowing the user to easily transport their pillow.

Chiropractors and physical therapists are recommending the enVy™ Pillow to their patients because of its superior cervical spinal support.


“…few if any products provide as much consistent and optimal support as the enVy™ Pillow. This is truly a great product, one that I can recommend to my patients with great confidence.”

Dr. Stephen P. Connor – Sports and Family Chiropractic, Oakville, Ontario.

The enVy™ Pillow is also anti-aging because it reduces sleep lines and maintains the benefits derived after cosmetic surgery. According to an article in The Journal of Cosmetic Surgery in 1987, Dr. Samuel J.
Stegman stated that “sleep creases” on the forehead and along the sides of the nose and chin
develop due to sleeping on one or both sides. Dr. Stegman observed that the lines diminished when
pressure was removed from the delicate tissues during sleep.

The v-shaped design of the
enVy™ Pillow ensures the face is free from compression because it tilts the head away from the

“These pillows are essential for perfectly supporting my post-operative patients in the most critical time of their healing period. enVy™ Pillow is a “must have” that you will not want to part with.—Dr. Cory Torgerson, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Toronto, Ontario

The enVy™ Pillow can be purchased at several Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Med-Spa, Chiropractic,
Physiotherapy and Wellness clinics in Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Alberta, and a few U.S.

States. Distribution will be expanding across Canada this summer. Specific retail locations can be found at or by calling 1-888-279-9904. The enVy™ Pillow retails for around $199.00 plus applicable taxes, depending on location of purchase.

Young Innovations Inc. was founded in 2008 by two registered nurses, Kathy Young Keefe and Kim
Renton. With a mutual interest in anti-aging medicine and preventative health, Kathy and Kim teamed up and have dedicated two years to the development and refinement of the enVy™ Pillow. For more information, visit

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