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Award winning Back-T-Pack Carrying Bag


The Back-T-Back carrying bag is designed to load on the spinal axis to improve and train good posture, body mechanics and balance while reducing pain and providing ease and security in carrying every day items.


April 6, 2010  By Massage Therapy Canada

Designed by a physical
therapist, BackTpack is a revolutionary carrying system that, through everyday
carrying habits, uses the vertical force of gravity for training proper
alignment of the skeleton in the way the body was designed to function.

It allows you to stand,
walk, and sit with your spine and head tall and your shoulders relaxed in a
healthy "T" posture. These postural habits will contribute to
lifelong healthy movement, and a strong skeleton.

backtpack3.jpgCommon backpacks require
you to lean or pull forward to compensate for the load on the back. This
posture has led to countless back, neck and shoulder problems. Since the load
of the BackTpack is balanced and aligned with your natural axis, no
compensation is necessary. The body’s response is only to strengthen a tall
posture and the load feels much lighter to the wearer.

features include a ‘sit-strap’ that allows the wearer to sit with the bag on
while the load transfers off the shoulders and spine, a headphone port for ease
in the use of auditory equipment, a water bottle holder and multiple
compartments on both sides.



An optional
hip-loading accessory is available for those who should not have a spinal
loading system. 


2009, the Back-T-Pack carrying system achieved the Family Choice Awards, a Gold
Award from the Family
Review Center
and was featured in a number of family and parenting magazines as a product of
choice for safe load carrying. 


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