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Canadian accreditation body for RMT education gets funding commitment from regulators

July 14, 2014 – The Founders Group for the Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (MTCFA), a multisector organization developing a national accreditation body for massage therapy education, has issued its latest update to all stakeholders reporting, among other things, a funding commitment of $210,000 from massage therapy regulators to bankroll its first year of operations.

July 14, 2014  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

The Founders Group also discussed plans with the Canadian Massage Therapist
Alliance (CMTA), a national alliance of massage therapy professional
associations, to reach out to its member organizations in the Fall of
2014 to contribute funding for the second year of the MTCFA operations.

The latest update to stakeholders has been posted on the MTCFA website.

"To accomplish their tasks the Founders utilized the services of a corporate lawyer and governance consultant to ensure that it received objective, expert advice based on knowledge, experience and best practices. Unresolved questions arising from the Founder’s work and stakeholder consultation were brought to the Advisory Committee for further discussion," the Founders Group stated in its report. The Accreditation Advisory Committee, made up of members of the Accreditation Planning Committee, acts as a “sounding board” for the Founders.

The Founders Group also reported that the articles of incorporation have already been drafted and ready for filing, pending agreement as to the final name of the accrediting agency.


Read the full report here.

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