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Celebrate the Massage Makes me Happy initiative!

Happy March 20th! Encourage your clients to share why massage makes them happy today. 

March 19, 2019  By Staff

Through the past decade, massage therapy has experienced tremendous growth with more and more consumers seeking out massage to support and enhance personal wellbeing. However, even with this growth, there is still a lack of understanding of the facilitation mechanisms, therapeutic benefits and deeper impacts that massage and bodywork has on people of all ages. Receiving massage creates happiness and this initiative will focus on creating educational outreach that promotes this message.

The MASSAGE MAKES ME HAPPY Initiative is part of the Global Wellness Institute, and aims to celebrate the healing powers of massage therapy and promote its benefits through research and education, advocacy and global awareness.

“Massage Makes Me Happy” launched back in September 2017, with the mission of spreading awareness about the positive impacts of touch therapies to consumers and medical, spa and wellness professionals. A date of March 20, 2018 was selected as the first celebration, which coincides with The International Day of Happiness also known as Happiness Day.

The goals main goals of this initiative are as follows:

  • Create a global platform and rallying cry around “Massage Makes Me Happy.”
  • Consolidate existing clinical research and support new research for deeper integration of massage into healthcare and wellness practices.
  • Stimulate advocacy by encouraging storytelling of the benefits of massage through massage therapists, wellness and spa professionals, consumers, caregivers, educators and more.
  • Promote and market massage therapy and massage therapy careers worldwide.

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