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CIHR launches summer training program for research on health, wellness of aging adults at work

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institutes of Aging, Gender and Health, and Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis have partnered with the Institute for Work & Health to host the Summer Program in Aging  (SPA) training event. The SPA 2015 will be focused on the theme of health, wellness and participation of older adults in the world of work.

January 27, 2015  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

This is the focus of a new large-scale CIHR Strategic Initiative on Work
and Health and is an area in which building the future community of
scientists is a strong priority for all of the partners, the CIHR said.

who are conducting or who have an interest in learning about the area
of health, wellness and participation of older adults in the workplace
and specifically in areas and/or with the perspective that is relevant
to the mandate of any of the partner institutes, are encouraged to apply
to this program.

Research areas of interest include but are not limited to:

•    Health, safety and productivity issues in the aging workforce;
•    Gender differences and needs of the aging workforce;
•    Motivating, managing, retaining and accommodating the aging workforce;
•    Innovations in accommodation for the aging workforce (e.g., flexible employment strategies, new technologies, automation);
•    Understanding and enabling older workers’ musculoskeletal health;
•    Understanding and enabling older workers’ mental health;
•    Current and future demographics of the aging workforce;
•    Economic and social drivers of delayed retirement; and
•    Intergenerational communication and collaboration in the workplace


2015 Summer Program in Aging will take place from June 1 to 5, 2015 at
Osgoode Professional Development, Osgood Hall Law School of York
University, 1 Dundas Street West Suite 2602 in Toronto.

The aim
of the SPA 2015 Training Program is to provide graduate students and
postdoctoral fellows interested in, or interested in learning about,
research on health, wellness and participation of older adults in the
world of work, an advanced training program that crosses disciplines,
sectors, institutions and geography.

Participants will have an opportunity to:

•    Gain an understanding of critical processes for academic success through plenary and practical sessions;
 Present a research area of interest related to the theme of this SPA
“Health, Wellness and Participation of Older Adults in the World of
Work” to participants, mentors and local academic experts through a
•    Examine multidisciplinary research collaborations in the
context of the health, wellness and participation of older adults in
the world of work theme;
•    Become more aware of, and more skilled in, the meaningful integration of gender and sex in research on work and health;
 Gain a better understanding on how to develop and further integrate a
multidisciplinary patient-oriented research approach in the context of
musculoskeletal health research;
•    Gain an understanding of the
methodologies used in longitudinal studies and in particular, learn
about the potential uses of the data and expertise contained within the
Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging and its multidisciplinary research
•    Learn skills in grant preparation, peer review, communication and knowledge translation;
•    Explore professionalism and ethics in the context of research on Work and Health and related fields;
•    Network with other emerging researchers and with academic mentors from across the country and abroad.

For details on the eligibility requirements and the application process, visit the CIHR wesite.

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