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College warns against financial scam targeting therapists

The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) has issued an advisory statement cautioning massage therapists against a “payment-and-refund” scam making the rounds in the province and across Canada.

January 20, 2015  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

Massage therapy clinics and practitioners may be targeted by an
individual who is looking to book several massage treatments for
themselves and/or others via email. The person booking the treatments
usually resides in another country and will offer to pay for the
treatments in advance. For one reason or another, payment will exceed
the actual amount owing for the treatments.

The “fraud” occurs
when the person asks the clinic/therapist to send the excess funds back
to them (or someone else), before the clinic/therapist realizes that the
initial amount paid for the treatment sessions has been cancelled,
declined or returned for insufficient funds.

Although the details of each scam may vary, the basic pattern will remain consistent, the CMTBC said.

reminds all clinics and therapists to be alert to this type of scam,
and calling on those who have been victimized by this scam to contact
their local police department to report the crime.


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