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CSMTA – 25 years and going strong!

Nov. 3, Victoria, BC –  The Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association (CSMTA) celebrates 25 years of  offering standardized athletic massage therapy care; country-wide education in sport massage to interested therapists; and promotion of sport massage to the public and other health care professionals.

November 12, 2012  By Massage Therapy Canada

In recent
years CSMTA, as the certifying body for sport massage therapists in Canada, has
grown considerably and is represented across the country. At present there are
five provincial chapters – they are the Atlantic Chapter, Ontario,
Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. In addition the CSMTA is a member
of the Expert Groups of Sport Medicine disciplines which includes sport
physicians, sport chiropractors, athletic therapists, sport physiotherapists
and sport psychologists. Sport massage therapists, thus, take their place among
Canada’s other recognized sport medicine entities.

requires 500 documented contact hours of sport massage. This should include
contact and non-contact sports, up to 100 student hours and at least three
different sports. The CSMTA website gives further details but, essentially, the
therapist must be familiar with common injuries and treatments seen on-site not
just in-clinic. They must be comfortable interacting with athletes, coaches,
managers, team officials and expert groups of health teams. The therapist must
be comfortable dealing with situations as the primary and secondary medical
personnel on duty and should have gained valuable experience enabling selection
to the health care team at major games and competitions.

CSMTA website ( is a
comprehensive resource detailing all aspects of the organization for members as
well as other interested parties. As a clearing-house of information on
locating therapists, education, certification and other information, it truly
reflects the organization in the 21st century.


CSMTA annual conference and AGM showcases the organization. This year’s event
was in Halifax and continued the high standard of the organization’s teaching
sessions, mirroring the exceptionally high bar set by our Ottawa conference in
2011 and the previous conferences in Edmonton.

CSMTA has evolved both in size and strength. The spirit with which members
interact in clinic, at conferences, and at sporting events evokes the spirit
with which they live and love their profession.

not to love? CSMTA members work and travel with active people who love life.

more information on becoming a member, and on the certification process, visit
the CSMTA website or call 250-590-9861.



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