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DVD demonstrates dynamic integrative massage techniques

Paul Lewis DVDOct. 5, 2010 – This thorough and comprehensive DVD demonstrates techniques to augment the massage therapist’s preferred treatment methods,while also providing step-by-step guidance to massage therapy students.

October 5, 2010
By Massage Therapy Canada


Oct. 5, 2010 – This DVD is organized into easy to access sections thatcan be applied either on their own, or together as a comprehensive system oftreatment. Instructor and RMT Paul Lewis demonstrates a variety of reparative therapies, focusing on the upper limbs, head/neck/shoulders, abdominals and back.

Paul Lewis DVD 


Lewis is best known forhis use of Dynamic Angular Petrissage (DAP), a powerful, safe and effective technique that requires little physical effort on the part of the therapist. Using DAP, one can continually assess the client’s response to treatment, gauging range of motion, tissue pliability, mobility, texture, tone, tenderness and temperature, all while treating.

Furthermore, using DAP enhances thetherapist’s awareness of his or her own posture and body mechanics.

The techniques shown in this DVD are universally applicable and can be adapted for use with both the massage tableand massage chair. Case studies are integrated to effectively supportthe clinical reasoning and rational for modalities, treatment positions, areas addressed and techniques utilized.


The therapies explained range from tissue preparation using hydrotherapy on both the table and chair, to unique techniques such as Triple Knuckle Stripping, as well as alternative treatment positions and draping options for clients who are unable to lay in a proneposition.

A supplementary demonstration of Lewis Circles provides bothclient and therapist with a simple yet beneficial self-care exercise.

Scene Index:
Preparing for Treatment
Palpation Assessment of Shoulder Movement
Dynamic Upper Limb Treatment
Focus on Subscapularis
Stretching Pectoralis Major
Dynamic Head, Neck & Shoulder Treatment
Stretch Contralateral Sternocleidomastoid
Stretch Scalenes
Abdominal Techniques
Treatment for Constipation
Techniques and Modalities for the Back
Preparing Tissue for Treatment
Techniques for Treatment
Segmental Latissimus Dorsi Stretch
Transition from Table to Chair
Self-care “Lewis Circles” Exercise

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