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FirstLine Therapy Certification Event in Vancouver

Oct. 15, Vancouver, BC – Metagenics, Inc. will host a FirstLine Therapy Certification event on November 8 in Vancouver, BC. A key focus for the FirstLine Therapy program is the treatment of metabolic syndrome, a condition that affects one in five Canadian adults and increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

October 16, 2012  By Massage Therapy Canada

certification program is designed to educate healthcare providers on how to
successfully implement lifestyle medicine approaches to treat issues associated
with metabolic syndrome. Physicians, osteopaths, RMTs, chiropractors,
naturopathic physicians, functional medicine providers and their staff will
learn to practice lifestyle medicine with a complete practice management
system—from clinical tools and protocols to business office management.

of patients over the past 10 years have benefited from FirstLine Therapy,” said
Jacob J. Kornberg, MD, FACS, director of professional and clinical services for
Metagenics. “This program was designed with the necessary tools for
practitioners to offer an evidence-based, clinically effective system to help
their patients resolve issues and reverse risk factors associated with
metabolic syndrome, and help them achieve better overall health for the long

a case study and workshop-based format, the certification event will cover the
most successful ways to prescribe and personalize the FirstLine Therapy program
for patients, including key functional biomarkers and laboratory values for
patient assessment. It will also demonstrate how to conduct and interpret
bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to monitor body composition for patient
tracking and motivation. Key takeaways for practitioners also include a
structured system to teach patients behavior modification for a lifetime
approach to healthy living, such as recommendations for phytonutrient-rich
eating, exercise and stress management.  


Kornberg adds, “Obtaining FirstLine Therapy certification is the first step
practitioners can take to successfully address multiple conditions with this
singular approach.”

syndrome is defined as the presence of at least three of five of the following
conditions or risk factors: high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, high
blood sugar, abdominal obesity or low HDL cholesterol. Research has shown that
people with metabolic syndrome are twice as likely to develop heart disease and
five times as likely to develop diabetes.

Therapy also incorporates nutritional products, such as Metagenics’ UltraMeal
Plus 360 that was demonstrated – in a recent multicenter clinical trial
at the Universities of Florida, Connecticut and California – to resolve
metabolic syndrome issues 40 per cent more effectively in conjunction with the
FirstLine Therapy food plan when compared to the food plan alone.

assist practitioners in successfully implementing the FirstLine Therapy program
into their practice, Metagenics also offers a complimentary post-certification
support program via phone, online and email.

learn more about the FirstLine Therapy Program visit To
register for the Vancouver certification event, visit or call
800-692-9400 (U.S.) 800-268-6200 (Canada).

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