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Free Case Report How-to e-book

May 14, Plano, TX – A free new e-book is now available to assist massage therapists with writing case reports.

May 14, 2012  By Massage Therapy Canada

“Communication is important,” writes the book’s author, Rosemary
Chunco, on the website for the The Massage Therapy foundation. (
 “The more experience I gain as a
massage therapist, the more I believe that communication is one of the most
important aspects of our job. I’m not just thinking of communication between
clients and therapists. There are many different types of communications,
entities and connections within our field.  One of those is the flow of
information from our practices to other professional entities, and I believe
that is one line of communication that deserves a lot more attention. By
writing a case report, practitioners can clearly communicate their clinical
reasoning and outcomes for a specific interesting case, and it is my hope that
more of us will recognize the importance of this activity.”

Rosemary Chunco was the Gold Award Winner of the 2010 Massage
Therapy Foundation (MTF) Practitioner Case Report
for her report “The Effects of
Massage on Pain, Stiffness and Fatigue Levels Associated with Ankylosing
Spondylitis: A Case Study
.” She has blogged for the MTF before,
sharing her advice on creating a case report. 


To encourage others to write case
reports, Chunco wrote a little easy-to-read e-Book titled, simply, Writing a
Massage Therapy Case Report

“Part of the book is a personal story of what I went through in
writing a case report,” she says, “and another part provides tools, tips and
resources that practitioners can use to help them write their own. The resource
list is something that I wish someone had given me when I first thought about
doing a case report, so I’m optimistic that it will help other practitioners.
If you decide to write a case report, you can be assured that you will learn a
lot, and you will be better off because of it in many ways.

You can read the eBook for free in one
of two ways: download the PDF,
or read it online.



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