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Good news from Alberta

There have been some movements in the push for the regulation of Alberta’s massage therapists. Three massage therapy associations in the province have formed a coalition to restart the process of regulating massage therapy in Alberta, and have jointly submitted an updated application to regulate with the health ministry.

December 19, 2016  By Mari-Len De

If this is the case, it’s a significant development for the profession as for the first time in many years, the associations representing practitioners in Alberta seem to have reached a common ground from which to move forward. The three associations in this coalition include the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta, the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, and the Remedial Massage Therapists Association.

This is also significant from a national perspective for many reasons – one of which has to do with bringing the profession closer to realizing its ever-elusive goal of getting massage therapy services exempt from HST/GST. A regulated Alberta will also provide a pathway for massage therapists in the province to grow, expand and move their practice to other regulated jurisdictions. And, it would be a huge step for the massage therapy profession in general toward becoming a more recognized player in the bigger health care delivery spectrum.

We had intended to explore this recent development in Alberta through a feature article in Winter issue of Massage Therapy Canada. Unfortunately, our writer’s requests for interviews with the appropriate people were ultimately declined. It was our understanding that the associations involved felt there was “very little to report” other than the fact the associations are currently consulting with its members.

The content of that application for regulation consultation has not been made public outside of the members of the associations involved, to my knowledge. We respect the coalition’s decision to decline our request for interviews.


We are hopeful, however, that the process will be made as transparent as possible. This publication exists to serve our readers, first and foremost, by bringing them objective, relevant information to help them succeed in their profession and in their practices. Our communication lines are always open for those who would like to share with our national audience, and colleagues in the profession, their stories and experiences. After all, we are all ultimately rooting for the massage therapy profession across Canada to prosper and succeed.

Speaking of prospering – may the New Year bring you success, peace and prosperity.

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