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From the Publisher: Fall 2004

September 25, 2009  By Jill Rogers

T he massage therapy profession in Canada has a rich history which reached regulatory status in 1919. In this issue, we tap into the expertise of Emily Cowall Farrell, RMT, DHMSA, who shares her research into the history of our profession, taking us on a journey from its European roots to its arrival here in Canada.
As this respected historian explains, the transfer of massage therapy knowledge from Europe into the newly formed Dominion of Canada can
be viewed through the career of one outstanding man, Donald James McDougall (1893-1978). Trained under the regulatory models of the
British system, McDougall was blinded during the First World War, but
that didn’t stop him from helping to make massage therapy an established therapeutic practice and profession in Canada.
McDougall’s inspirational story is told in the special feature entitled ‘One Blinded Soldier.’ We think you’ll find it fascinating.

– Jill Rogers, RMT

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