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Introducing LivDerma pain and performance products


LivDerma Inc., a Canadian owned, evidence-based natural product company,introduces a pain relief cream for chronic pain sufferers as well as workout lotions that deliver a competitive edge to sports participants.

September 21, 2010  By Massage Therapy Canada

With aphilosophy of sustained long-term wellness in mind, LivDerma’sscientific team has created these unique, scientifically proven formulations usinghigh-grade, isolated, plant-derived molecules sourced from European countriesunder strict regulatory laws.

These novel products contain Delivra™, a patent pending delivery system that provides for consistent deep absorption of active molecules to the dermis and muscle. Studies have shown that LivDerma products provide clients with significant pain relief, improved mobility, and enriched quality of life. For the athlete, these products yield greater endurance, longer stamina and quicker recovery times.

The original LivRelief™


LivDerma’sflagship LivRelief™ Pain Relief Therapycream is clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation by blocking thebody’s five pain pathways. This natural product contains no drugs, steroids orany other ingredients found in the analgesic creams or patches currentlymarketed for pain relief. Clinical trials have shown compelling results; LivRelief Pain Relief Therapy provides significant pain reduction andswelling within minutes and lasts for hours. 


LivSportTM Pre Workout Performance Therapy

Thisunique lotion contains natural ergonomic-enhancing molecules, includingcreatine. LivDerma’s novel slowreleasesystem delivers active ingredients, sustaining energy bursts in muscle cellsthat last several hours. Athletes using the product feel more energetic, alertand pain-free; experience enhanced endurance;and maintain strength throughout a complete workout or game. Moreover, athletesexperience relief from muscle aching and burning, both during and followingexercise. These effects can be attributed to both the anti-inflammatorymolecules and the natural compounds in the cream that buffer and slow down lactic acidbuildup, allowing athletes to push their physicallimits.

LivSportTM Post Workout Recovery Therapy

The twinproduct to the pre-workout therapy, LivSportTMPost Workout Recovery Therapy is used following exercise to help in therecovery of aching and/or burning muscles. This product is fortified with theamino acid, L-Glutamine, and a cooling agent to help expedite the recovery ofthe muscle. The lotion also contains natural molecules that help strengthen andrehydrate the muscle following strenuous exercise, allowing the athlete toperform with excellence the day following the game. 

Theseproducts have been used by numerous professional athletes – including playersin the NHL, MLB, and NFL, in addition to Olympians, world-class triathletes,and professional soccer players – with overwhelming positive responses. Some ofthe trainers of these athletes include: Dr. Mark Scapaticci, sportschiropractor; Mr. Darren Ferris, NHL Orr4 hockey agent; David Cruikshank,former Olympian, and Curtis Brackenbury, former NHLplayer, of Hybrid Mix-skate Training Camps; George Poulis, Toronto Blue Jaystrainer; Carrie Lane, assistant trainer, University of Virginia; Scott Sonnon,U.S.Martial Art Team coach and fighter, international sambo and sanshou champion, and federal law enforcement tactical fitnesstrainer; and many more.

Now,practitioners can recommend these scientifically developed natural products totheir patients as an adjunct therapy to their treatment regimen. 

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