Meet Jill Rogers RMT

“Editor and original founder of Massage Therapy Canada magazine”
Massage Therapy Magazine
May 31, 2009
By Massage Therapy Magazine
Tell us a little about yourself
I have had the opportunity to meet many fellow massage therapists over the past 21 years. I would hope to be described as demonstrating a love for my profession and as busy and loving it. This is most definitely true. The priorities of my busy life are my three amazing children. These days I enjoy colouring and Dora the Explorer with my daughter and coffee-talks on the deck with my two sons, planning post-secondary, career paths and the contemplating the meaning of life. Mom time consists of friends and baseball.

Professional profile
After graduating from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy – Sutton, Ont., 1988, I took on a locum as well as going into private practice. The first few years were spent in education mode, speaking to many different groups and physicians in the small town I resided in. The community easily embraced massage therapy and in no time I established a strong rapport within the medical community. After eight years of practice I felt the threat of the “rut” setting in. Quality assurance and the continuing education mandate was just getting into gear for the profession. It was my good fortune to have the opportunity to work with one of my favourite instructors, from CCMH, Emily Cowall Farrell, in the development of a new massage therapy program in Hamilton. I went on to continue as the program co-ordinator and instructor at the Alexandrian Institute for the next few years. I have had the pleasure of teaching at ICT Kikkawa in Toronto, and Career Canada College in Hamilton over the next five years. Living in a small community amplified the feeling of seclusion and lack of connection to other therapists.  For some time, an idea grew inside, the idea of a professional publication that would create a sense of national community. After much research and planning, Massage Therapy Canada came to life. I have enjoyed publishing MTC for six years and great celebration through the MT Expo for four years. The spring of 2009 marked handing the business of publishing Massage Therapy Canada over to Annex Publishing; I am continuing on as the editor and look forward to many more years of being in contact with the profession, and striving to foster the desire for community and continued learning. I am enjoying the challenge of creating balance and fulfillment through my children, personal and professional goals, practice and publishing.

Influential people or experiences leading you to this profession and career?
My parents Jack and Judy have always, and continue to be, my greatest supporters. I know for certain that their love and belief in me has helped to see me through some tough times. I have had many people impact and influence my life as well as my career choices. As a child I would tend to my father’s tight back and my mother’s tired feet. For the most part, I used this natural ability to trade away from household tasks such as dishes. My parents were incredibility helpful and supportive around my choice to seek out massage therapy. I was 17 when I set out to launch this career choice. Edith Szaz (owner of CCMH), took a chance accepting such a young person into the course, as the preferred age was 21. Emily Cowall-Farrell,  Lynn Filkins and a host of great instructors provided great support and expertise in helping me to attain step 1, the education. I have received much advice and support of many friends and business colleagues over the years: David Hulley, Brad Hoad, Craig Starrs, Craig Robichaud, Bruce Horsley, and Ed Stuckless, to name a few. Their help and mentorship has been and continues to be most appreciated.

Most cherished experience or accomplishment. Why?

Motherhood aside, I have had the pleasure of many amazing experiences and several wonderful accomplishments, already, over the last 20 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing a role in my student’s time in study. The moment when the proverbial light bulb turns on, is a wonderful accomplishment. Building and sharing the excitement of entering the massage therapy profession with students, has been quite an honour.
The inception and work with the profession through Massage Therapy Canada magazine is an achievement I will cherish always.

Hope for our profession in the future
My greatest hope for the profession is that we continue to move forward, as a group, towards a national community, as well as challenging ourselves, as individuals, to continue learning and growing.

Words of wisdom

Jokingly, my father used to say “Jill, wherever you go in life, that’s where you are.” As silly as it seems, our thoughts, choices and actions direct our life’s path; travel a path built on love and compassion for yourself, as well as others.

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