Today’s RMTs are operating in an ever-changing and increasingly complex business environment. Delivering exceptional patient care has always been a top priority for health professionals. However, regulations and laws regarding health-care delivery has resulted in practitioners needing to spend more time completing paperwork in a timely manner.
Often, when we think of data security, we tend to focus on secure data centres, sever firewalls, data encryption, daily backups and other whiz-bang technological security innovations.
When I was employed at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, my clientele was often dominated by road-weary professional athletes. I always marvelled at the physical demands of their work – which was largely talent coupled with steely discipline.
Sept. 16, 2014 –  Massage therapy professionals, products and service providers gathered in Burlington, Ont., September 14 for the first annual Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum. From personal health and wellness and professional networking to research and practice management, the one-day event was packed with information and networking opportunities for massage therapy practitioners.
Respiration is arguably the most vital human function. Struggling for breath is surely the most incapacitating and soul-destroying aspect of any illness.
In memoriam: Christopher Terrence O'Connor passed away suddenly on March 27, 2018. Massage Therapy Canada was fortunate enough to work with Chris over the years and share in mourning with his friends, family and the rest of the profession.Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is increasingly being recognized in our communities.
Jan. 20, 2014 — Marketing is a word that brings a variety of thoughts and ideas to most people’s minds – perhaps even some emotions as well. (Expensive, time-consuming, “I don’t want to do it!” all come to mind.) To some, marketing means spending lots of money to buy ads, business cards other promotional materials – and then crossing your fingers in the hopes that you make some of that investment back with the clients that hopefully decide to try you out.
When I learned how to massage a client in side-lying position in massage school, it was considered a default position to be used on those who couldn’t lie prone, such as pregnant women.
Massage therapists are notorious for neglecting self-care. Dedicated holiday time falls by the wayside because if we’re not massaging we’re not earning money.
As Carole Osborne-Sheets states in her book Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy, “Appropriate touch with childbearing women has the potential to positively change not only individual women and their families, but also to knit an ever-widening fabric of nurturing touch to help unite and transform our current violent, touch-aversive societies.”
While on the surface choosing a domain name to brand your business on the Internet seems straightforward and obvious
The thought of relocating is a terrifying thought for many of us. Being uprooted from friends, family, work and everything that you are accustomed to is among the top most stressful situations that we will encounter in our lives.
All professional practitioners, including massage therapists, realize that as a result of advancing age and infirmities, they cannot continue in their careers indefinitely exhibiting the same level of competence, agility and skill as before.
This instalment of RMT Tech Talk will review the “Top 5” RMT office technology trends that we observed as showing strong growth amongst RMT practices in 2012 and that are continuing to escalate in their utility for massage therapy practitioners for 2013.
You’re going to have fun with this!” exclaimed Dr. Robert Gordon as he patted me on the back and sent me on my way.
I am frequently asked how to set fair terms in a working agreement between an RMT and a massage therapy business owner (RMT or otherwise).
May 14, Plano, TX – A free new e-book is now available to assist massage therapists with writing case reports.
Debates concerning evidence-informed health-care practices still rage on in 2012.
In massage school, I received 15 hours of reflexology training within my program. It was during this training that I first witnessed maps that linked various body parts and organs to specific areas of the foot. In class, I traced across the sole of my partner’s foot while looking at reflexology maps. I’d heard stories, from people who had travelled in Asia, that reflexologists could diagnose headaches, digestive problems, and other physical ailments. Although my program did not offer enough training to diagnose such things – nor qualify me to include “reflexologist” on my business card – I did come to know that I could give a great foot massage. I could work out “crystals” on the sole of the foot, stimulate nerve endings and all the organs I could remember from the reflexology map, and turn tired and achy feet into light and happy ones.
This is a story of how a massage therapist’s treatment ideas provided safe and effective treatment to a patient dealing with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). It is but one such account; however, so many more people who will suffer from GBS need to know the potential that massage therapy holds for assisting them with the condition and the recovery process. With respect to GBS, we cannot prevent the condition. However, given the massage therapist’s scope of practice, we can maintain, rehabilitate and augment physical function in a person who is rendered dysfunctional by the condition.
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