One of the questions we are often asked by massage therapists is “Do I really need a website for my massage therapy practice?” The simple answer is “Yes, you do.”
The assessment of the joints of the cervical spine requires a minimum of three different testing procedures, after having done Range of Motion testing. Each of the three tests matches the three versions of synovial joints found in the cervical spine.
In his book, “Customers Are for Life,” Carl Sewell discusses the importance of having systems in place for a business to operate properly. Mr. Sewell states, “Systems are 80 per cent of providing good customer service.” If we consider our favourite medium, the body, we can observe that it requires properly functioning organ systems in place to handle its needs, or it will easily fail.
Eight straight losses to Team USA, Olympic nerves, and on the rival’s turf. What pressure to overcome. However, the Canadian Women’s hockey team possessed something all others did not … her name is Mavis Wahl.
The habits and characteristics of the successful business entrepreneur may be very different from those of a massage therapist, but is there really a difference in the way the two disciplines approach a problem or challenge?
A couple of days ago I invited an old friend over for dinner. He is an anesthesiologist and researcher. While explaining to me what type of research he is currently doing we began to talk about research in general and more specifically its actual relevance, in terms of application, for quality of life issues.
Talk to any business manager and they’ll tell you the most stressed individual within the organization is probably them. Between juggling a full administrative load, catering to demanding clients, keeping track of scheduling and supplies and managing a large and diverse staff, they just may have reason to think so.
The phrase “Tools of the Trade” is a commonly used expression describing what a person might require, or use, to carry out one’s daily work. Many companies across the spectrum implement advanced technologies and resources to increase production, while reducing production time and ultimately increasing revenue. Massage therapy has, and always will be, a “unique” trade (profession). It is the only manual trade that can only truly be performed by hand. Literally by hand. When I pondered the phrase “tools of the trade,” I thought, other than our tables, lotion and our hands, is there really anything else?
Last spring, I had the incredible opportunity of being able to take, transfer and apply my skills of scar massage to a setting that is worlds apart and different from any reality I have encountered or experienced before.
Greetings to all … The Spring 2006 issue of Massage Therapy Canada magazine represents the well-known and often-used phrase “practice what you preach.”
As professionals, we may come to embody the conditions we studied in massage school. Postural dysfunctions, tendinitis, frozen shoulder, trigger points, hypermobility, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and more may rise up to haunt us as a result of our work life.
The Fall 2005 issue of Massage Therapy Canada magazine presents several features that investigate potential causes and possible treatment of Sciatic pain.
Antonio Martin was born on September 3, 1924 in Timmins Ontario. He graduated from St. Margaret’s College of Massage in St. Thomas Ontario in 1946. He’s been in practice ever since ... he has been registered with the CMTO since its beginning.
Recently, at the first IN-CAM Research Symposium (www.incamresearch.ca ), I learned that what I have been working away at for most of my adult life – the professionalization of massage therapy – is a named and studied phenomenon among sociologists and others who study health care systems and their relationship to broader social-historical trends and ideologies.
This series of articles looks at real therapists in practice that have developed effective business systems to not only meet their financial goals, but to create balance and meaning in their lives as well.
This story starts in a snow bank off #93 Banff to Jasper highway beside a large sheet of vertical frozen ice called Weeping Wall. Kevin Nielsen and myself met some years ago on an ice climbing training course in Canmore, Alberta. There we were sitting in the snow in February drinking some bourbon and beer.
Knuckle down and work hard to get results ... isn’t that the mantra of business success? We value success, the idea that the individual through Herculean efforts accomplishes the big win. In the media we see sports figures, public figures, movie stars – all seeming to become famous overnight through their own efforts.
The die is cast for a new era in the very young life of massage therapy as a regulated health care profession. The challenging and promising future of massage therapy today is confidently grounded in a vision that includes higher education, national accreditation and research and publication.
In analysing the efficacy of fascial treatment it becomes imperative to review basic physiology to determine the cause of the restriction in the tissue that is in need of treatment. What is the reason behind a recurring tension? Why, when using traditional techniques on some patients and giving them relief, does the pattern return hours or days later?
Databases contain information from your intake form, including name, address, work and home phone numbers, occupation, birth date, and referral source. You can include additional information such as condition treated, when the person became a patient of the clinic, payment type (cash, extended health care, auto insurance claim or redeeming gift certificate) and their patient status – active or inactive.
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