5 ways to get awesome, honest client testimonials

Marc Gordon
May 24, 2016
By Marc Gordon
Nothing is more influential than word of mouth when it comes to making a buying decision. The challenge for most businesses is they can't influence or control what their customer will say, when they say it, and to whom.

That's why testimonials are such a sought-after commodity. They provide influence while allowing control of use. However, challenges can include getting a testimonial – even from a delighted customer, then presenting it in a genuine way. So here are five tips to getting awesome testimonials and turning them into a powerful marketing tool.

Ask in person and on time. Don't be embarrassed to ask or wait too long until the customer's enthusiasm has waned. Ask as soon as possible, like when you're getting paid, the day the product arrives or the job is done. Confirm they are happy with what you provided, then ask if you could "quote them on that" or if they would be willing to put something in writing. Trust me, asking in person is best, followed by the phone. Avoid using email or text.

Offer to write it for them. Many customer will gladly provide you a testimonial, but never get around to it. So offer to write one for them with their right to edit it as needed. Almost all of them will gladly accept your offer.

Cover key points. Regardless of who writes the testimonial, try to avoid rambling sentences about how awesome you are. Keep it short and objective. Describe what the customer needed and how you were able to help them. Then wrap it up with an emotional statement describing the buying experience.

Aim for full name and photo. Most testimonials are fake and people know it. Keep them authentic by using full names whenever possible. Including a photo along with the customer's name is even better. Be sure to get permission first.

Show gratitude. Publicly sharing a buying experience with the world is a big commitment. Be sure to thank them with a hand written note or small gift. It will be one of the wisest things you ever do.

Marc Gordon is a marketing expert and professional speaker. Get more marketing tips on his website, marcgordon.ca and on his online show, marctv.net.


+1 #4 Andrea 2016-05-30 21:47
Correct, Ontario RMTs CANNOT use testimonials in any form (website, clinic, ads).
+1 #3 Spencer 2016-05-27 11:52
Agreed. if it can't be used, why does the magazine publish this stuff. It could lead an RMT to problems.. best leave marketing information to experts in the RMT subject matter rather than "generalists".
+1 #2 Julie Dorssers 2016-05-25 07:42
I believe in Ontario it is goes against our regulations to have testimonials.
6. (1) In this Part,
“advertisement” means a representation to the public by any means for the purpose of promoting goods or services respecting the practice of the profession, including statements or representations made in a newspaper or other publication, on radio, television, the internet or other electronic media, or contained in any notice, handbill, sign, catalogue, letter, brochure or business card. O. Reg. 30/13, s. 1.
(2) (d) any testimonial by any person, including a client, former client or a friend or relative of a client or former client;

Maybe you want to do a follow up article as to why testimonials should not be used.

Julie Dorssers RMT
0 #1 Bob 2016-05-24 15:53
Other than it MAY be against patient privacy law for PHIPA to use a clients name

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