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Metagenics Launches the “Smart Multi”


Metagenics, Inc., a nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine company dedicated to improving health, announces the launch of PhytoMulti, the unique “Smart Multi” daily supplement specifically designed to activate health potential with a science-based combination of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

December 12, 2011  By Massage Therapy Canada

The introduction of PhytoMulti supports Metagenics’ upcoming launch of its 2012 "Year of You” in-office program that health practitioners can offer to their patients. This program is a comprehensive way of providing simple, healthy resolutions and nutritional protocols for the new year to improve health.

PhytoMulti is positioned as the Smart Multi because it uniquely targets cellular health to nourish cells, recharge cellular communication, and defend against free radical damage. This proprietary blend of 13 concentrated plant extracts and phytonutrients has been scientifically tested for potential biological activity to protect cells via antioxidant capacity and maintenance of DNA stability. 

“PhytoMulti not only targets cell protection, but advanced laboratory tests have shown its potential for superior biological activity to deliver support that may ultimately influence health in a number of ways,” said Joseph Lamb, M.D., Director of Intramural Clinical Research for Metagenics. 

An independent laboratory evaluated PhytoMulti and the entire combination of active ingredients with the new total functional oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORACFN) assay that measures against five major free radicals. Unlike a conventional ORAC, which tests against only one radical, this expanded in vitro assay provides a better sense of antioxidant protection against a variety of potentially damaging free radicals and other reactive oxygen species. An analysis of PhytoMulti’s active ingredients (equivalent to the contents in one tablet) showed a total ORACFN value of 12,600 trolox, demonstrating exceptional antioxidant capacity. The potential of the phytonutrient blend to help maintain DNA stability was validated using the COMET assay, a complex in vitro test using human immune cells. This assay demonstrated a 52 per cent increase in DNA stability when cells pretreated with the phytonutrient blend were compared to control cells introduced to the same oxidative medium (peroxides). 

In addition to the phytonutrient blend, PhytoMulti also delivers a concentrated daily dose of:
1) Clinically effective levels of select plant bioactives—resveratrol, lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene—to support health of the eyes, liver, heart, and more;
2) An optimized blend of essential minerals and vitamins, including vitamin forms designed for greater bioavailability: vitamin D3, L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (folate) and methylcobalamin (B12). 

In the “Year of You” program, this “Smart Multi” is an option to complement a variety of personalized protocols to promote wellness and vitality. The goal of the program is to introduce patients to science-based products that support long-term health. For more information on Metagenics products, please visit  
or call 1-800-692-9400.

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