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Massage Therapy Education Series: Ethics and being “More Than Our Hands”

A 6-part webinar series for practicing massage therapists

January 4, 2022
By Pamela Fitch, M. Ad. Ed., RMT


No matter how many years you practice, eventually you may face a need for sound ethical decision-making. Practice challenges usually erupt because of assumptions, poor communication or inadequate or absent boundaries. In fact, when you review CMTO disciplinary cases, the details reveal a significant gap in understanding or commitment to professional identity.

This webinar series, featuring educator, writer and massage therapist, Pam Fitch, offers an interactive evidence-based approach to professional decision-making and communication, gleaned from more than 30 years of practice. Participants will learn how to analyze professional challenges and to make ethically and appropriate decisions for the complexities that arise in practice.

Sessions include:

  1. Questions, problems and choices: Ethical challenges in professional practice [FEB 24]
  2. We are more than our hands: Exploring practice challenges that demand professional judgment [MARCH 3]
  3. Facing the dark side of practice: Self-regulation in the face of criticism or abusive client behaviours [MARCH 10]
  4. When we falter: Professional blindness, unexamined assumptions and privilege [MARCH 17]
  5. Learning from our mistakes: Case-based learning from the annals of professional misconduct [MARCH 24]
  6. On solid ground: Knowing the answer no matter what the question [MARCH 31]

REGISTER NOW!  $35 per course, or $150 for all six sessions. 12-2 P.M. EST.

Sessions include 1-hour of instruction/presentation, and an hour for the discussion/question period.


View the video below for an introduction to the series from facilitator Pamela Fitch, M. Ad. Ed., RMT

Pam has been fascinated by the complexities of massage therapy ethical decision-making and communication for more than 30 years. She has taught related workshops and seminars nationally and internationally, engaging participants through humour, stories and reflections while relating professional legalities and expectations of practice. Her text, Talking Body Listening Hands: A guide to professionalism, communication and the therapeutic relationship, (AC Press, 2019, 2nd Ed.) has been adopted by Regulators and Massage Therapy educational programs across Canada.