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Naturopathic Doctor introduces Delicious Detox

April 26, Mississauga, ON -  Naturopathic doctor Carol Morley has released Delicious Detox, a unique new cookbook that will give health-conscious cooks the recipes and information they need to prepare delicious, healthy meals.

May 5, 2010  By Massage Therapy Canada

owner of Mississauga
clinic Zawada Health, believes a three-week detox is a great way to clean the
body of toxins and allergens.  A detox
involves the elimination of some foods, including caffeine, alcohol, wheat,
dairy and sugar and eating healthier, more natural options.



“A detox
is a great way to clean your body and clear your mind.  This new book will give you everything you
need to prepare healthy, tasty foods during a detox,” said Morley.


The book’s
recipes have been developed by Morley in her family’s own kitchen and tried by
many of her clinic’s patients.


I recommend a detox to a patient or friend, I’m always asked the same question:
‘what can I eat?’  This new cookbook
answers that question, and gives step-by-step instructions to cooking
vegetables, chicken and fish in a detox friendly way,” added Morley. 


post-detox, patients typically report:


in energy,

in pain


of food sensitivities

focus and concentration


“A detox
is a lot like spring cleaning for your body,” concludes Morley.  “You know it’s good for you, but you never
want to get started.  With this new
cookbook, I’m empowering people to clean their bodies and eat great food – it’s
a wonderful combination.”


Detox is published by Otterville Press, and is available online at  


For more
information, or to speak with Carol Morley, please call 905-804-1752. 

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