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New massage therapy table sheets

MasSheets introduces its new line of environmentally friendly massage therapy table sheets.

April 18, 2011  By Massage Therapy Canada

With the mission of creating a sheet system that is always clean and inviting to patients in clinics or spas, MasSheets has created these flat, white sheets that fit perfectly over your massage therapy table. 

The sheets are white with a tropical pattern embossed on them, and are a made from a poly cotton blend to the dimensions of 45 inches x 72 inches. They are stain resistant and come in packages of 14 sheets per load. The sheets are easy to wash and wrinkle free when removed from the dryer and folded. These sheets lay flat on the massage therapy table, or can be fitted over body supports or bolsters of any kind. There is enough sheet to cover the client and not be in the way of the massage therapist. 

As well, these sheets can be used in spas as a wrap, in place of a bulky terry cloth robe. You can also reduce use of electricity, water and soap used with these sheets – for more information, please visit and read MasSheet’s article titled “Going Green saves Gr$$n”. 

To see the sheets, and for ordering information, visit

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