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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events October 29, 2013
Research shows massage therapy benefits to mental health: AMTA
The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) has affirmed the associated benefits of massage therapy to mental health, citing several research findings of the benefits of massage therapy to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.
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RMTAO executive director resigns
The executive director and chief executive officer of the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario (RMTAO) has resigned his posts, and will be stepping down effective Nov. 15, 2013.
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Take your vocation on vacation
Massage therapists are notorious for neglecting self-care. Dedicated holiday time falls by the wayside because if we’re not massaging we’re not earning money. Here are some unique ways for practitioners to learn other treatment modalities while on holidays.
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Mindfulness therapy doesn't lower blood pressure, Canadian study finds
Toronto researchers found that people who learned mindfulness therapy and applied the technique did not end up with lower blood pressure readings than people who did not use the approach.
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Sedentary lifestyle, stress biggest health risks for employees: survey
The sedentary nature of Canadian workplaces is becoming as much of a health risk as stress for many workers. That's according to a new wellness survey from Sun Life Financial.
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