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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events November 19, 2013
Compression bandages effective for lymphedema treatment: McMaster study
New research from McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ont., showed using simple compression bandages may be used as treatment for lymphedema, in the absence of daily lymphatic massage therapy.
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Getting paid for your social media efforts
Why it’s important to engage your practice in social media and, more importantly, how to increase the return on investment for your social media activities.
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Soft Tissue Release Handbook

The Soft Tissue Release Handbook is aimed at practicing therapists who wish to address the soft tissues precisely and effectively, whether as an adjunct to existing bodywork techniques or as a treatment modality in itself. The skills presented in this book can be immediately applied in the clinic with existing and new clients.

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Blog: Emotional pain — fact or fiction
As massage therapists, it is neither our responsibility nor within our scope to offer psychotherapeutic support to our patients. Yet the intimacy of our treatments often creates an environment for people to feel safe enough to express what’s on their minds. How self-awareness and understanding can lead to a whole new level of healing.
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Accessing the possibilities for RMTs
This is the story of Marion Lemmon who began her massage therapy practice later in life, when most people are already thinking about retirement. It’s an inspiring story of determination and commitment to the profession.
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