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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events March 4, 2014
Top tips for creating, maintaining your professional portfolio
The term "portfolio" has been around for decades and is associated with a variety of occupations. Massage therapy professionals can also take advantage of this tool and improve their prospects and career opportunities. Here’s how.
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RMTAO appoints new executive director
The board of the directors of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario (RMTAO) has announced the appointment of Andrew Lewarne as its new executive director and CEO. Lewarne succeeds former executive director and CEO Bryn Sumpton, who resigned his post last November due to “personal reasons.”
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U.S. CAM group outlines evidence backing use of massage therapy for health
The U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) has released a report outlining evidence of the benefits of massage therapy for health purposes. NCCAM director Dr. Josephine Briggs, a medical doctor, urged people to take a look at research evidence showing the health benefits of massage therapy.
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Study suggests participatory ergonomics can mean huge savings for companies
Toronto-based research firm Institute for Work and Health (IWH) is urging organizations to add participatory ergonomics to their roster of musculoskeletal disorder prevention efforts. Participatory ergonomics (PE) involves workers, supervisors and other workplace parties working together to identify and address work-related risks that can lead to musculoskeletal disorders.
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