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Massage Therapy Canada
More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events March 11, 2014
Assuring quality of massage therapy through research
In order for the massage therapy profession in Canada to continue developing as a health-care profession, the body of knowledge informing practice must advance through research. Stakeholders, including professional associations, practitioners, educators and regulators, are increasingly engaged in the various areas needed to support the research capacity and literacy of the massage therapy profession.
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New research project explores effects of massage on chronic pain
The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) has launched a new research project with Samueli Institute, which will involve an exploration of the impact of massage therapy on chronic pain, and to identify gaps in knowledge that can help direct future research.
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Manitoba's massage therapy association appoints new executive director
The board of directors of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba has appointed Sheila Molloy as its new executive director. Molloy will be tasked to lead the association in its efforts to advance the massage therapy profession in Manitoba and serve its 850 members.
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Majority of pain sufferers feel they are treated like drug addicts: study
The National Pain Foundation's survey of over 300 people who suffer in chronic pain unveiled an important, but little-known truth about chronic pain sufferers: their feelings about how they will be treated by their health-care providers.
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3 steps to reign in social media misuse in the workplace
Employers and practice owners know that not every aspect of new technology is positive. Studies suggest access to the Internet during business hours can reduce workplace productivity by up to 40 per cent, as employees turn their minds.
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