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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events April 1, 2014
Research literacy vital for RMT practice, professional growth
It is no secret research is becoming more prevalent in the field of massage therapy. But whose responsibility is that really? Before you dismiss the value of research literacy, find out how this skill can benefit you, your practice, your clients and, collectively, our profession.
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BLOG: RMTs need a bigger voice in the health-care community
A therapist's first year in practice is fragile and as a community, as a profession, we do not have a network set up to support our new therapists. We lack connection as a profession.
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Australian study probes exercise benefits for low back pain
The University of South Australia is set to begin a new study that will investigate whether physical activity – specifically walking at an intensity based on how individuals feel – will assist people suffering from chronic low back pain, where their low back pain symptoms have persisted for longer than three months.
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Calgary hosts 2014 IN-CAM research symposium
The Canadian Interdisciplinary Network for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research will be holding its eighth Research Symposium Nov. 6 to 8, 2014 in Calgary. This year's symposium, marking the organization's 10 anniversary, is titled, The Next Wave of Complementary and Integrative Medicine Research.
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