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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events May 6, 2014
Researchers regrow lost muscle in patients with novel stem cell technique
Researchers have been able to rebuild severely damaged leg muscles in a small number of patients by implanting a pig bladder “scaffold” that draws the body's own stem cells to the site and coaxes them into becoming new muscle cells.
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Massage research grants recipients announced
The Massage Therapy Research Foundation (MTRF) has completed its 2013/2014 competition, doling out nearly $40,000 to grant recipients from the University of Toronto and University of Saskatchewan.
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Alberta invests $45M on new family health clinics
The Alberta government is spending $45 million on starting up nine family care clinics. Health Minister Fred Horne said Thursday that these will be part of small community networks where many health professionals team up to give patients several services.
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Kathy Smart gives gluten-free tips at Toronto Expo
Ottawa resident Kathy Smart was always ill as a little girl until she was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 12 and began relearning what she could eat to alleviate her symptoms.
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