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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events May 20, 2014
Tiger Woods: Back injury made him wonder if he would play golf again
Tiger Woods still doesn't know when he'll return. For a while, he didn't know whether he would return at all. On Monday, Woods said his back injury became so debilitating this year it caused him to doubt his ability to play golf again.
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NHPC conference focuses on wellness for aging communities
Red Deer, Alta., plays host to this year’s Natural Health Practitioners of Canada’s (NHPC) 25th Annual Conference, welcoming around 350 attendees from the natural health community to educate, network and raise awareness on the benefits of natural health for the aging community.
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Fascial Release for Structural Balance

Fascia, the soft tissue surrounding muscles, bones, and organs, plays a crucial role in supporting the body. By learning to intelligently manipulate it, a bodyworker or therapist can help clients with many chronic conditions, providing immediate pain relief as well as reducing ongoing aches and pains.

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Wearable therapy device shows promise for pain management: study
A new study from the University of Messina in Italy and University of Louisville in Kentucky shows wearable pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) device may help reduce pain for patients with osteoarthritis. The study’s abstract is posted on the website of the conference website of the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR).
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VIDEO: Turning first impressions into marketing tool
BizTalk with chiropractor Dr. Anthony Lombardi offers business and practice management tips to help health-care practitioners achieve success. In this latest episode, Dr. Lombardi emphasizes the importance of word-of-mouth and how to maximize your practice potential by giving excellent client experience, especially during their initial visits.
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