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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events July 29, 2014
Self-interest to blame for meager health-care reform
Almost continuously since the second half of the 1990s, Canadians have pointed to health care as their largest national concern and the issue that should receive the greatest attention from Canada’s leaders. Polls taken over the last decade or so have found that health care is typically the highest priority among voters. It is also the policy area in which governments often score most poorly.
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Australian study finds acetaminophen may not be effective for back pain
Acetaminophen isn't any better at relieving back pain than a fake pill, despite almost universal recommendations to take the drug, according to results from the first big trial to test it.
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Andrew Lewarne Massage Business Forum

Luncheon Keynote: Charting the future for massage therapy professionals

Speaker: Andrew Lewarne, executive director, Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario

The Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario is in full swing in its efforts to propel the profession forward to its rightful place in the health-care hierarchy. The RMTAO will provide an overview of its latest initiatives to help further the interest of Ontario’s massage therapy practitioners.

This one-day education event is approved by the CMTO for 2.5 continuing education credits. Register today!

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U.S. survey finds sharp increase in use of synthetic human growth hormones by teens
Experimentation with human growth hormones by America's teens more than doubled in the past year, as more young people looked to drugs to boost their athletic performance and improve their looks, according to a new, large-scale U.S. national survey.
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Massage firm touts benefits of massage for MS patients
Multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers may find relief from their symptoms with massage therapy treatments, a study has found. A study reported in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal indicated lower pain levels of up to 50 per cent across three months by those participants who received 10 weeks of massage therapy, according to U.S. massage therapy treatment provider Massage Envy Spa.
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