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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events August 5, 2014
Giving hope for lymphedema patients
Lymphedema is a condition of chronic and progressive swelling that can be inherited or acquired. There is no cure at this time. However, the condition does respond very well to treatment and management – if the therapist is diligent and the patient compliant.
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Breath of life: Treating the respiratory musculature
Respiration is arguably the most vital human function. Struggling for breath is surely the most incapacitating and soul-destroying aspect of any illness. It is gratifying to know that, as massage therapists, we can make a difference for patients suffering from a respiratory condition.
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MaryBeth Roblin Massage Business Forum


Speaker: MaryBeth Roblin

Massage therapists often engage in labour intensive sessions with their patients, ensuring quality massage treatments and positive results. They spend countless hours looking after the health and wellness of their patients, but who’s looking after their own health and wellness? In this session, our practitioners will be reminded of the importance of taking care of their own health for practice longevity and overall wellness. This one-day education event is approved by the CMTO for 2.5 continuing education credits. Register today!

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Reading the fine print
In today's digital world, many have a personal social media presence and have become accustomed to simply clicking on the “I agree” to the terms of service button when signing up for their favourite social media sites. Often, we do not even read them. While this approach may be fine for personal web services – it becomes concerning if this thought process is brought into your business practices. Clearly, this is unacceptable when the ownership and treatment of your clients’ health-care data is at stake.
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