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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events September 30, 2014
New Alberta health minister promises change, but no radical reforms to health-care
Alberta's new health minister says there won't be massive reforms to the province's health-care system but there will be changes in how things are done.
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Drugging seniors in nursing homes won't solve senior care woes
Those living in a regulated nursing home are likely in the frailest condition of their lives, and approaching the end of life. So it is paradoxical – some would say tragic – that nursing home residents are too often put on drugs they don’t need, which can be dangerous, and may even kill them.
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Massage therapy students get hands-on training with new clinic opening
London, Ont.-based Fanshawe College has launched its first on-campus massage therapy clinic to provide its massage therapy students the opportunity to develop and perfect their massage therapy techniques with hands-on clinical experience.
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Alberta to create rural health care action plan
The Alberta government is embarking on a comprehensive review of health care in the province’s rural communities, saying this will ensure that care is coordinated in an efficient and predictable manner.
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