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More from Massage Therapy Canada | Education | Research | Events October 14, 2014
WorkSafeBC seeks public input on proposed policy on plantar fasciitis
WorkSafeBC is asking for stakeholder review and comment on the possible creation of policy on work-related plantar fasciitis. Here’s how to provide your inputs.
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Mental health at work
Leading Canadian employers have committed to protecting and improving the psychological health and safety of their employees in order to reduce the costs of mental illness in Canada.
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VIDEO: What I wish I learned in RMT school
Theory and practice don’t often meet. At the recent Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum, veteran RMT, speaker and author Don Dillon gave attendees a dose of reality and some words of wisdom that can help arm them with the knowledge to succeed in their practice.
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VIDEO: Record-keeping for compliance
Massage therapists are well prepared and skilled in their profession, but when it comes to regulatory compliance and their legal obligations, they often find themselves needing guidance. At the recent Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum, speaker Andrea Collins helps attendees navigate through the web of regulatory requirements on record keeping.
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Newly adopted productivity measures help people with arthritis stay at work
Rheumatoid arthritis is a very painful and tiring condition and, not long ago, being diagnosed with it usually meant having to leave the workforce. But improvements in treatment mean more people can now remain at work in spite of their rheumatoid arthritis.
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