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November 18, 2014
FEATURED NEWS: Are you employable?
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How cigarette smoking can be a pain in the back

A new study from Chicago‚Äôs Northwester University shows cigarette smoking can be bad for the back, finding that smokers are three times more likely than nonsmokers to develop chronic back pain. >> Read full article

Employers see shortfalls in skills

Despite Canada's track record in producing highly educated graduates, employers report that deficits in key skills are resulting in lower quality products and services, weaker productivity and less innovation. >> Read full article

First board of directors for new massage therapy accreditation council announced

The Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA) has announced it has completed the process of identifying the members of its first board of directors. >> Read full article

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Soft Tissue Release: Reducing Pain & Improving Performance

For practitioners of massage therapy, sports massage, remedial massage, and physical therapy, soft tissue release is a powerful tool in treating chronic pain conditions such as shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, and iliotibial band friction syndrome.

Soft tissue release also aids post-surgical recovery and is used in the treatment of highly trained athletes, dancers, and musicians who wish to tackle those small but key tissue areas needed to maintain and improve their performance.
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Are you employable?

While many massage therapists assume they will work as self-employed contractors, the marketplace is presenting new challenges. With more competition, higher costs to entry-level practice and the demand for sophisticated business skills, massage therapists are increasingly forging a career in corporations brokering massage therapy services. How employable are you? >> Learn More…

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Bowen Therapy Training

April 28, 2015
Location: Waterloo, ON >> More Info