Emerging developments in the massage therapy profession suggest a surge in cross-Canada collaboration, a pooling of resources and perhaps a more cohesive, potent profession.
The isolated nature of a massage therapist’s practice is something we often hear from industry observers and has always been cited as one of the many challenges facing massage therapists.
Canadian philosopher of media and communications Marshall McLuhan was a man ahead of his time.
March 11, 2014 — In order for the massage therapy profession in Canada to continue developing as a health-care profession, they body of knowledge informing practice must advance through research. Stakeholders, including professional associations, practitioners, educators and regulators, are increasingly engaged in the various areas needed to support the research capacity and literacy of the massage therapy profession.
My son is 15 years old and he has a philosophy about everything. Mostly based on something he heard in class and interpreted in a way that would have him question the very foundation of life. I was once 15, and completely understand that it is his turn to question the universe, however, I can’t seem to stop myself from getting caught up in his ‘beliefs’ and defending my own. He keeps telling me, ‘It’s not an opinion; it’s proven by science.’
I have the privilege of taking over the reins as editor of Massage Therapy Canada. We thank the previous editor, Maria DiDanieli, for all her work in maintaining a high quality publication.
I have the privilege of taking over the reins as editor of Massage Therapy Canada. We thank the previous editor, Maria DiDanieli, for maintaining such a high quality publication.
Maria DiDanieli’s editorial in the Spring 2013 Massage Therapy Canada offers laudable counsel.
In the massage therapy profession, we seem to disagree a lot. We argue whether or not spa therapy has value compared to rehabilitative massage
In September 2010, for massage therapy awareness week, I was invited by two radio shows in my home city of Hamilton to speak on behalf of the profession. I spoke about the benefits of massage therapy and took calls from listeners.
Our profession is continually faced with concerns regarding recognition by other health-care professionals, coverage through benefits, public awareness, usage, regional saturation and earnings, to name but a few. Added to all this, massage therapists are mandated to earn continuing education units in various areas.
Is massage therapy a personal service or health-care discipline? There exists a tenuous relationship between the spa and rehab identities in massage within the profession. At our detriment, this is causing confusion as government, insurance funders and other health-care providers struggle to define what massage therapy is, and how and whether it should be funded.
Massage therapists have benefitted, like many other professions, from a strong economy – and the industrial diseases such as workplace-related musculo-skeletal disorders (WRMDs) and job-related stress they’ve helped manufacture.
The public perception of massage therapy has made great strides over the last several years. However, the road to respect and recognition is an ongoing journey. How does this vibrant, valuable profession make even greater in-roads?
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