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Pen for pain

Vitality Depot has launched Pain Gone, a clinically tested pen-like device that patients can use for pain management.

September 23, 2015  By Kyle Arguelles

The Pain Gone pen works by delivering controlled electrical impulses that stimulate the nerve fibers. The nerve pathway then sends a message to the brain to release endorphins to stop the pain. These impulses are at a specific frequency, which provides prolonged and often-instant results, the company said. The Pain Gone electrical impulses come from a piezo-crystal element sealed inside the device. The device is simple to use any patient can do it. Simply have the patient grip the Pain Gone pen in their hand assuring they make contact with the metal band. Then place the tip on the point of the pain and depress the green button 30 to 40 times quickly. The entire treatment takes about 30 seconds per region. Vitality Depot claims Pain Gone can be an effective treatment for back and joint pains, as well as other types of pain, including arthritis, sciatica, migraine, osteoporosis, rheumatism and sports injuries. Pain Gone can be used directly on the skin or through light clothing. One device can last up to 2 years or 100,000 pulses. Pain Gone is licensed by Health Canada, according to Vitality Depot.

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