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Performance Health introduces new Biofreeze 360º Spray


Dec. 19, Akron, Ohio – Performance Health introduces new Biofreeze 360° Spray. New Biofreeze 360° Spray delivers the its topical analgesic using the best spray technology on the market today. This new product will be available for purchase on January 1, 2013.

December 27, 2012  By Massage Therapy Canada

Biofreeze 360˚ Spray works from any angle, even upside down. We refer to it as
the ‘every-which-way’ spray,”
stated Doug Stuckey, senior product manager, Performance Health. “The can’s
design, described as a ‘bag-on-valve’ technology, ensures a continuous flow of
product and uniform spray pattern for better coverage.  It’s often difficult for back pain
sufferers to get an even application of Biofreeze where they need it most. This
360˚ Spray, with its ability to spray upside down, makes applying Biofreeze
much easier. Arthritic patients sometimes struggle as well with traditional
spray pumps due to the required repeat pumping. This product’s continuous flow
solves that problem too.”

Unlike traditional aerosol cans that use
a solution of a liquid product
and propellant under high pressure, bag-on-valve
technology houses nitrogen that
creates pressure
around a sealed bag of product. When the can’s valve is pressed by the user, the inside of the bag is normalized
to atmospheric pressure and the
nitrogen on the outside of the bag squeezes the bag. This squeezing

causes the contents of the bag—Biofreeze Pain Reliever—to be forced out thru the valve. No propellant
escapes from the can in dispensing.

all Biofreeze products, the Biofreeze 360˚ Spray is paraben-free, propylene
glycol free and includes a proprietary herbal blend. All Biofreeze spray
products are colorless and use 10 per cent menthol. The new Biofreeze 360˚ Spray is available
in a four-fluid-ounce size.


“We know healthcare
professionals rely on our market leading Biofreeze and Thera-Band brands
because we provide much more than just effective, professional quality
products,” Stuckey added.  “We
support our healthcare partners with free practice-building programs, national
brand awareness programs, clinical evidence for our products and patient
education tools. This is what truly makes our brands and products special.”


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this and other Performance Health products, please visit 


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