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PODCAST Episode 5: Are Costs and Rules Associated with Regulation Too Burdensome?

September 8, 2019  By Staff

The act of massage therapy has been regulated for 100 years.  In the recent 25 years, regulation has increased in complexity and the level of compliance demanded of its members.  Fees to maintain the privilege of self-regulation have risen considerably, and some have become increasingly vocal in their disaffection for the regulatory body’s approach in Ontario.  With self-regulation moving at a slow pace across the country, and health insurance companies finding ways to work with practitioners in non-regulated provinces, do the costs of self-regulation outweigh the benefits?  Iam Kamm, RMT, speaks to these questions and more.

Would you rather read than listen? A full transcript has been posted here. 


Are the Costs and Rules Associated with Regulatory Bodies Too Burdensome? 
Can Massage Consent Forms Prevent Sex Assaults?  CTV News, December 14, 2017 
Self-Regulation Under Scrutiny: Are Health Professions in Danger of Losing the Privilege? 


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