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January 22, 2019  By Staff

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On the Table casts a contemporary view into the professional-cultural issues facing Massage Therapists in Canada. The podcast aims to be the medium that gathers practitioners together and provides a platform to share views on critical issues.

Massage Therapists frequently work in sole-practitioner or small enterprises and seek perspective on attracting and retaining patients, managing operations, responding to regulatory changes and work opportunities.

On the Table incorporates a podcast format exploring the deeper questions of the profession with guest experts. Each show begins with a background on the subject, guest Q & A, and closes with relevant regional updates on professional advocacy. We aim to bring together Massage Therapists across Canada to share our common goals (and discuss our struggles).


Join us as we delve into the psyche of the profession, its mythology, biases and blind spots while incorporating journalistic integrity with holistic human engagement. Informative, sometimes provocative, On the Table examines “what is?” and “what could be?”.


EPISODE 1: Can We Improve Relations with the Insurance Industry? [Release date: Feb. 11, 2019]
The relationship between massage therapists and insurance companies can be a tenuous one. Without provincial health funding, clients of RMTs rely heavily on employee health benefit plans (EHBPs) to finance their massage therapy care. Worker’s compensation and auto-insurance are reportedly tough to work with, and increasingly, insurers attempt to position themselves as guardians of health care funding. With adversity rising in relations with some insurers, practitioners worry for this source of funding while insurers are critical on whether utilization of massage therapy provides real value for dollars spent.

EPISODE 2: Public Perception and Media Relations – Do it Right! [Release date: Mar. 11, 2019]
Massage therapists frequently experience strained relationships with the public and media. Associations with the sex trade, sexual abuse, alternative therapies and insurance fraud have hurt the profession. Practitioners can influence public perception by reaching out to the media while sending the right messages to the front line of their practice. Learn critical skills to position yourself and your business in positive light, whether speaking to a referring health professional, your patients, or the media.

EPISODE 3: Patient Safety and Adverse Events [Release date: Apr. 15, 2019]MT PODCAST FACEBOOK MAR19 JLR E3
Safety in massage therapy is understudied. In this episode, we discuss the frequency of adverse events related to massage therapy, concepts of hurt versus harm and harm versus healing, patient and practitioner perspectives on adverse events, and what the profession can do to measure and monitor adverse events to inform the profession at large, and build public trust.


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