Studies conducted in Sweden reported that 48 and 56 per cent of all pregnant women experience backache during pregnancy. They described this pain as generalized fatigue, tightness, and achiness with concentrated areas of pain.
Oh look, there’s a herd of caribou! The single otter aircraft banked hard and descended in a winding spiral towards the earth to give the women a better look at the barrenland beauties. The already green RMT reached for another sick bag and projected her pleasure at the sudden change in altitude.
I was born and raised in Toronto. I spent the first 2 years of my life roaming around South America with my groovy parents and older brother. My mother instilled in me a love of the outdoors and travelling from birth. I have always been intrigued by the Canadian north and had wanted to visit it from as early as I can remember.
We live in the age of post-traumatic stress. September 11, 2001, in America was a vivid confirmation of this fact. We see it written on the bodies and imprinted in the craniosacral systems of our clients. It is epidemic and is changing the way biodynamic craniosacral therapy is practiced.
A client arrives at your clinic, complaining of chronic sacroiliac joint pain. He tells you that repeated treatments using a variety of therapeutic modalities have failed to provide more than temporary relief of the pain. Upon examining his posture, you notice that his posterior superior iliac spines are uneven and he has a torsion in his sacrum, contributing to a lumbar scoliosis.
There are many influences on our posture. The first influence is gravity. The overcoming of gravity is the primary determination of the balancing act that the musculature performs to hold us upright. Other influences include occupational or recreational activities.
Synergea Family Health Centre celebrated its first anniversary in June of 2002. Synergea is a unique collaborative care centre for women and their families. It is home to a thriving community of 15 alternative and complementary health care practices in Alberta.
Forget the quiet, babbling brook music, scented flickering candles and a peaceful calm descending in the room and bring in the children!
Research ... is integral to health care as a science. It is part of the body of knowledge and the disciplined knowing of the health care professions. As members of a profession, with a knowledge base, massage therapists must seek not just to maintain their skills, but also to grow them.
Successful Aging is a concept often operationalized as maintaining physical function and avoiding disability (1). It has been a subject of research for more than three decades, and is now a subject of international interest (2).
This study measured the effects of massage therapy on children and adolescents with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). Those receiving the massage were expected to report lower levels of anxiety, depression, and pain and to have lower cortisol levels.
There is a skeleton in my closet. This isn’t a metaphor; there really is a skeleton in my closet. When he was new he had all his parts joined together by wires and stood bolt upright on a shiny, four wheeled, stainless steel stand. He looked good in a Stetson.
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic application of aromatic compounds extracted from plant material. The fundamental tools of aromatherapy are knowledge of the therapeutic properties of the essential oil repertoire and the methods by which they are applied, both to the body and to your environment.
Take a moment and reflect upon the incredible advancements made in the Massage Therapy and Bodywork profession over the past 16 years … We have benefited from tremendous research offered, increased public awareness, breakthroughs in treatment technique and a wonderfully enhanced selection of lubricants, tools, and music.
The field of massage therapy has grown so fast that the number of catchwords included in its repertoire has had to expand in order to keep up. In doing so, many different types of techniques get taught, strained and altered until only a small fragment of the original concept remains in tact.
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