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Quebec study aims to find formula for practice success

The Association québécoise des thérapeutes naturels (AQTN), a massage therapy association in Quebec, is conducting research to look into specific personality traits that can lead to a successful massage therapy practice.

August 6, 2015  By Mari-Len De

AQTN would like to answer the question: “What are the personality traits of a successful massage therapist?”

The association has sought the help of Montreal psychologist Darrell Johnson, who helped AQTN develop an online personality questionnaire based on Psychological Type theory. Data collection began in June 2015. The association anticipates publishing results next year.

The goal of measurement is predictability – and to some degree – the possibility of intentional change and improvement, according to Mark Balchunas, AQTN’s coordinator.

“Sometimes a small change can lead to drastic result,” he said, adding that even if in the end the study is unable to identify the right combination of personality traits to be associated with success, the exercise could still provide valuable insights.


If certain success-related patterns of personality style are found, such a finding may have beneficial applications to both students and those already working as massage therapists. Students may learn early on to focus on and develop key personality traits, while graduates will have a clearer direction towards which to fine tune their techniques and marketing skills. This will enable them to better serve the needs of the general public who retain their services for therapeutic purposes or general wellbeing, an AQTN press statement said.

“This initiative aims to empower therapists to embrace their full potential,” Balchunas said.

AQTN is urging massage therapists across Canada to participate in this study by completing the Psychological Type Sorter questionnaire, which can be found in the AQTN website, or go to: (URL is case sensitive).

The study will be a long-term, continuing undertaking that will track down massage therapists’ progression over the years. MTs who have completed the survey will be asked to retake the test after a year or two.

This will allow AQTN study proponents to track the progress of respondents and try to correlate personality traits with their success outcomes, Balchunas explained.

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