• I’ve been passionate about the human condition for years. I acquired a great body of knowledge through sports, disease and, recently, massage therapy that has been a revelation to me.
This issue marks the end of our second year in print. Over this period, Massage Therapy Canada magazine has explored several areas of interest. We opened with an Olympic edition and followed up with issues on research, geriatric and pediatric, invisible pain, pregnancy and infancy, education and this, our sports massage issue.
As a therapist working with geriatric clients or any specialized group, it is necessary to seek education beyond your initial training. Implications associated with geriatric clientele include age-related health conditions. For example, an age-related loss of glomeruli and increased blood flow from the massage could stress the kidneys and increase the need for detoxification.
Successful CEU purchases depend on three critical elements: 1. Building on what you know; 2. Building on what you love; 3. Building on what is wanted.
The structure of the human brain, even the sensory cortex, is unique for each individual. This is so from conception through birth and the entire lifespan. Even the early embryo has a style of imprinting similar to attachment where, depending on the mother’s perception of her world, the blood flow to the embryonic brain can be changed.
My experience in treating colicky infants has taught me that constipation has much to do with their pain. I believe that matter, whether it be solid, liquid or gaseous is trapped within the large intestine. The matter doesn’t have enough substance and the body is not active enough to move it through the system.
From a physical standpoint, incorporating SuikodoTM into your massage practice is quite easy, and can be done to a lesser or greater degree depending upon your level of knowledge and interest.
Tell us a little about yourself? I live in the backwoods of Nova Scotia with my small family, four cats, a dog, and too many chickens. If I could, I would spend May to October in a canoe. But I can’t.
When Tara Paradoski was in nursing school and the future of nursing was not very promising, she decided to finish nursing and go into massage therapy. She felt her nursing education would be an asset as a Registered Massage Therapist.
As massage therapists, we are continually trying to develop our treatment protocol in the most effective way so that it is of optimal benefit to our clients. In this, we are attempting to progress them to the point of self-rehabilitation.
Human touch is the most intimate form of communication and the most powerful healing modality we possess. Since the first century A.D. and the laying on of hands, we have known and experienced the healing power of the touch of life. In what does the power, or perhaps even as some have suggested the miracle of touch, consist?
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