Pain and dysfunction can lead to asymmetries in the body. These asymmetries can lead to further symptoms of pain and dysfunction, which can in turn lead to further asymmetries. For example: a C-curve in the lumbar spine produces a rebalancing C-curve in the thoracic or cervical spine, (making an S-curve overall).
Professionalization: the social process whereby people come to engage in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood (wordwebonline). Some authors have defined the gaining of statutory self-regulation or state-sanctioned professionalization as being equivalent to the professionalization process (Boon).
Stretching! There, I’ve said it. The very word tends to send many people into contractions. I enter into this article to share my views on stretching with the entire Canadian massage and body-working population knowing that stretching is, to our community, as controversial a topic as politics or religion tends to be.
In June of 2005, a study was conduced by students at the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage (ACTM) in Fredericton, N.B., regarding the awareness that massage therapists have of the potential hazards of using latex or vinyl gloves and latex finger cots in combination with petroleum-based or vegetable-based lubricants.
Imagine you’re planning a very important and lengthy journey. Would you imagine going without a sense of destination? Would you leave without a map and a compass?
Thai Herbal Stem Massage is one of the oldest healing modalities in the world, developed thousands of years ago. It has been used in Thailand
Approximately one in three Canadians volunteer their time to not-for-profit organizations. This is equivalent to over one billion hours every year or, stated another way, it is the equivalent of over 500,000 full-time jobs.
Knowing when to touch is important, knowing when not to touch is crucial. If applied without a clear understanding of a patient/client’s health status, massage can actually worsen a present condition or cause harm.
This winter issue of Massage Therapy CANADA magazine marks the completion of three years in print! We are thrilled with the steady increase of readership and the ongoing sharing of positive feedback. Thank you to all that took the time to write or e-mail us.
The Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece, this past summer and I was thrilled and privileged to be selected to the International Sports Massage Team that provided sports massage to the world’s best athletes.
The word “discipline” is often burdened with negative connotations. Perhaps it is because one of the definitions of discipline is “control or order exercised over people or animals; punishment.” However, other definitions include “mental, moral or physical training; a branch of instruction or learning.” Discipline has the same root as “disciple” from the Latin discere ‘to learn.’
Pilot studies performed at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia with Professor Neil Piller and Robert Harris of the Dr. Vodder School – North America using objective measuring tools have indicated that Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) has a measurable effect on lymphoedema patients.
• I’ve been passionate about the human condition for years. I acquired a great body of knowledge through sports, disease and, recently, massage therapy that has been a revelation to me.
This issue marks the end of our second year in print. Over this period, Massage Therapy Canada magazine has explored several areas of interest. We opened with an Olympic edition and followed up with issues on research, geriatric and pediatric, invisible pain, pregnancy and infancy, education and this, our sports massage issue.
As a therapist working with geriatric clients or any specialized group, it is necessary to seek education beyond your initial training. Implications associated with geriatric clientele include age-related health conditions. For example, an age-related loss of glomeruli and increased blood flow from the massage could stress the kidneys and increase the need for detoxification.
Successful CEU purchases depend on three critical elements: 1. Building on what you know; 2. Building on what you love; 3. Building on what is wanted.
The structure of the human brain, even the sensory cortex, is unique for each individual. This is so from conception through birth and the entire lifespan. Even the early embryo has a style of imprinting similar to attachment where, depending on the mother’s perception of her world, the blood flow to the embryonic brain can be changed.
My experience in treating colicky infants has taught me that constipation has much to do with their pain. I believe that matter, whether it be solid, liquid or gaseous is trapped within the large intestine. The matter doesn’t have enough substance and the body is not active enough to move it through the system.
From a physical standpoint, incorporating SuikodoTM into your massage practice is quite easy, and can be done to a lesser or greater degree depending upon your level of knowledge and interest.
Tell us a little about yourself? I live in the backwoods of Nova Scotia with my small family, four cats, a dog, and too many chickens. If I could, I would spend May to October in a canoe. But I can’t.
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