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Riverview Medical Centre named affiliate treatment centre for lymphedema

RED BANK, N.J. – Riverview Medical Center, a member of the Hackensack Meridian Health in New Jersey, was named an affiliated treatment center by the National Lymphedema Network. An affiliated treatment center is a center in which more than one therapist is a certified lymphedema therapist, and is properly trained to successfully treat and manage lymphedema affecting various parts of the body.

September 27, 2016  By Newswise

Lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling, is most commonly caused by the removal of, or damage to, lymph nodes as part of cancer treatment. It generally occurs in a patient’s arm or leg and is treated in a variety of ways, including complex physical therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, massage therapy, exercise, compression stockings, bandaging, or pneumatic pumps.

“Lymphedema can be a challenging condition to treat,” said Dr. Jorge Corzo, medical director of Meridian Rehabilitation. “Treatment varies based upon the severity of the case, and so a person with a mild case of lymphedema could see results in just one session, whereas someone with a severe case may be treated for months before noticing progress. Having therapists who are trained to know how to treat each level is incredibly important and we are thrilled to be recognized by the National Lymphedema Network for this achievement.”

The goal of lymphedema therapy is to restore function, prevent infection, and reduce suffering both physically and psychologically. With the opening of the new Meridian Cancer Care center at Riverview in October, patients undergoing cancer treatments, and who may be plagued by lymphedema, will be able to treat both their cancer and lymphedema in one location.

“Patients undergoing cancer treatments have enough to worry about without needing to travel to multiple locations to treat the many side effects that accompany a cancer diagnosis,” said Timothy Hogan, president of Riverview Medical Center and Bayshore Community Hospital. “It’s important to house as many services as possible in one place to help reduce stress, lessen the amount of time spent traveling to and from appointments, and to keep them close to family and friends. We’re thrilled that our therapists are lymphedema certified and are thankful to the National Lymphedema Network for naming us as an affiliated treatment center.”


To become an affiliate member, a hospital or rehabilitation center must submit an application to the National Lymphedema Network and include documentation of professional licenses, training certifications, and LANA certifications.

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