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RMT joins care team at B.C. drug, alcohol rehab program

Sunshine Coast Health Centre (SCHC), a drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment program in British Columbia, has added a registered massage therapist (RMT) to its team of care professionals. The new hire, Mackenzie Alsager, showcases the centre's commitment to innovation in drug rehab and alcohol treatment strategies beyond a "punishment" or "guilt" philosophy, SCHC said in a press release.

February 28, 2017  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

“Treatment strategies for drug and alcohol addiction work differently for different people,” remarked Casey Jordan, chief marketing officer. “By announcing our new hire of a registered massage therapist, we are showcasing our commitment to a treatment methodology that is not punitive and seeks to assist the whole person in establishing new, better habits as opposed to addiction.”

Alsager is part of SCHC’s family-centered ownership strategy. By including many family members in the business, the centre brings a quality and personal touch to drug rehab and alcohol treatment that sets it apart from impersonal national chains in Canada, the centre claimed.

“Massage therapy will be part of a more intensive bodywork component in our drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment strategies. Ms. Alsager will also be fulfilling administrative duties for the health and wellness department of SCHC, including massage, ozone, yoga, fitness, and recreation. With the help from the other wellness professionals in her department, she hopes to improve the lives of the clients and make them feel empowered to take care of their own bodies,” the SCHC statement said.

Information about alcohol treatment programs and drug rehab programs at Sunshine Coast Health Centre can be found on its website.


The SCHC encouraged interested persons or family members to reach out to the centre for a no obligation consultation.

The vision of SCHC is to use a full-body care plan to help clients reach their optimal health and wellness. Full body assessments will be used to find out what is physically happening in the body. Also included are fitness care plans designed by a personal trainer and aftercare program that can be continued after leaving SCHC.

SCHC will also be renovating a building currently on site to create a pain management clinic. The SCHC is a 36­bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility exclusively designed for men.

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