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Get paid for your social media efforts

In this article we will explore how to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your social media activities.

June 25, 2013  By Jessica Foster

In this article we will explore how to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your social media activities.

We receive a lot of comments from our massage therapist clients around the globe who are concerned about their social media presence, which usually consists of a Facebook page. After spending significant time developing a social media site, ensuring its content is informative, current and relevant; they are not convinced it is worth the effort.

Conversely, we hear the same therapists say their practice website, with online appointment booking, does produce a valuable ROI because a high percentage of their clients and potential clients use the booking system – this not only brings in new clients but it saves them time and provides a true value-added service to their clients.

How, they ask, can I make the investment in my social media site also show a measurable payback?


Massage therapists are usually delighted when we tell them that technology can be added to their social media site to help solve this ROI problem. Before getting into exactly what the technology is, let’s first understand why it is important to engage your practice in social media in the first place.

Business social media and social networking sites are getting to be as common as websites for massage therapy practices. Your website is a competitive necessity in today’s digital world and a social media presence complements it. For those therapists who have a Facebook, or other social media account, you already know these places can give existing clients and prospective clients a very personable image of you and your practice while promoting the services that you offer. It helps reinforce your professional brand and can cause a “social buzz” that builds with each and every comment, article and link you post.

However, a social media presence on its own does not necessarily generate new clients or increased revenue. So, what is missing to make your social media site pay for the time investment that is required to create and maintain it?

In most cases therapists don’t include a “call to action” for readers of their social media content. Media experts and business consultants advise that all marketing efforts need to include a call to action – something intended to entice a reader to become a paying client. Your social media marketing efforts should be no different.

What should your call to action be on your Facebook or other social media site? There are a number of things it could be, but why not use the same call to action that you have already proven on your website – that being your appointment book ready to take reader’s appointment requests. By adding a little technology to your Facebook page, you can embed your appointment booking system – this provides a valuable convenience for your clients and potential clients, and, in turn, drives revenue growth.

Your Facebook site should highlight your treatments and any other products you may offer. It should promote your business by letting readers and contributors know of time-limited special offers, new modalities, health tips, events you are hosting or attending, new staff who have joined your practice and the like. It should include informative links that direct readers to relevant information and articles of common interest. It also needs to provide them the ability to immediately access your appointment calendar (a call to action) – giving you that measurable ROI on your social media investment.

While not all appointment-booking systems offer an embedded booking solution for social media sites, there are some out there that do and possibly at no additional cost to you. The embedded calendar should seamlessly tie into your website’s calendar, keeping your availability status current and accurate with no possibility of double bookings – a truly integrated system.

In closing, your social media site is a great place to help humanize your practice and stimulate word-of-mouth referrals. It allows you to gain insight and market intelligence about what is on your clients’ and potential clients’ minds. It should complement your other marketing efforts, reinforce your brand / marketing messages and include a call to action. A well-rounded mix of technology and marketing principles is needed to achieve your overall social media business objectives.

Until next time, be well!

MindZplay Solutions is a provider of massage therapy websites and practice management solutions. To learn more about mindZplay visit us at or call toll free 888-373-6996.

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