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RMTBC launches new workshop on cultural diversity

The Registered Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia (RMTBC) has launched a new continuing education workshop that focuses on cultural diversity in health care.

May 17, 2016  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

Titled, Cultural Awareness, the workshop was developed by Damian John, RMT and educator. John will conduct the workshop in various locations in the province, including Nanaimo, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Prince George and Nelson over the course of the next few months.

By taking this program on the road, the RMTBC is reaching out to its membership with a complimentary workshop that will allow practitioners to focus on advocating for a more conscious version of health and wellness care that builds on kindness, empathy and curiosity, a statement from the RMTBC said.

Anne Horng, Board Chair and Brenda Locke, Executive Director of the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of B.C. are pleased to announce a new initiative for its 3000 members, which clearly takes aim at the association’s belief in cultural diversity as a critical component for all health care providers. A continuing education workshop titled “Cultural Awareness” developed and presented by Damian John, Registered Massage Therapist and Educator will stop in Nanaimo,

Instructor John explains his philosophy and expected course outcomes: “In recent years I’ve gotten passionate about how we strive for equality and as a health professional, how we can approach this on a personal level. I believe one of the ways we can do this well and with integrity is to educate ourselves in areas that allow us to personalize and make more relational our interactions with our patients. The workshop presents two main streams of learning. One is an exposure to the history and culture of First Nations in Canada, from my perspective as a member of the Tl’azt’en First Nation. The second is exploring how we continue to educate ourselves and learn new tools with which to engage individuals with kindness and curiosity, something current research is finding to be hugely important in our efficacy as therapists.”


John said the workshop will provide content and information for RMTs to:
• work ably with the First Nations populations of B.C
• encourage a conversation on how to navigate diversity
• promote sensitivity and safety towards cultural differences including a landscape that minimizes stereotypes and preconceived notions
• enable a curious mindset towards diversity, culture and origins including one’s self
• encourage consistent self-reflection towards bettering the experience of registered massage therapy as a health and wellness practice.

Brenda Locke, executive director of the RMTBC, sees this initiative as a natural and vital component of the association’s mandate to provide the best possible environment and education for its members, which, in turn, ensures the best possible care for British Columbians.

“We have made great strides over the past few years in developing programs, conferences, seminars and learning situations that offer our members instruction from the best around the world. I am particularly proud of this outreach that focuses on the health and wellness of our First Nations communities. I know Damian’s workshop is really going to add to the richness of what already is a strong continuing education program,” Locke said.

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