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Saskatchewan auditor reports over medication in long-term care centres

Residents at long-term care facilities in Saskatchewan face over-medication and are sometimes given the wrong medicine, according to the province’s acting auditor, Judy Ferguson.

December 4, 2014  By The Canadian Press

In her report, Ferguson said she has significant concerns about the
medication policies in the Heartland Regional Health Authority.

According to her, two thirds of residents in the health region received three or more potentially inappropriate medications.

Her report also found that 58 per cent of residents were receiving 13 or more daily medications.

on anecdotal evidence, Ferguson noted the mismanagement of medication
at long-term care facilities could be an issue in other areas of the


The auditor’s report also looked at the government’s use of the Lean program to streamline the health-care system.

The Opposition has criticized the program, saying it has not improved patient care.

said Saskatchewan’s Health Quality Council didn’t know whether the use
of Lean has created sustainable change or improved the system.

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