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Top 10 strangest spa treatments from around the world

Online spa directory SpaHub has taken an international focus by searching countries for the strangest spa treatments offered around the world and released the top 10 list of the weirdest spa treatments.

February 21, 2014  By PRWeb Newswire

1. Snail facial
Referred to as the “celebrity escargot course” at the Clinical Salon in Tokyo, this facial treatment applies organically raised snails to a client’s face in hopes to repair damaged skin cells. The snails are permitted to slime around as they please during the 60-minute treatment, followed by a facial massage, mask and finished with a generous application of snail mucus cream. Snail mucus contains several youth-boosting ingredients that help tackle sun damage to the skin, including hyaluronic acid.

2. Geisha facial
Contrary to the facial’s Japanese-inspired name, this spa treatment was found by SpaHub at the Shizuka New York Day Spa in New York City. The 60-minute facial derives from a traditional Japanese treatment used by Geishas to give them their youthful, unblemished complexion. The formula is infused with natural Japanese ingredients, including powdered nightingale droppings believed to help brighten, heal and smoothen skin.

3. Snake massage

Located at the Carnivorous Plant Farm and Spa in Talmei Elazar, Israel, this massage is performed with the help of several slithering snakes. The nonvenomous snakes are placed onto a client’s back and allowed to slither around with their smooth, scaly skin. While most massages are associated with relaxation, this exotic treatment is designed to help soothe muscles but assumedly does not help relieve stress.

4. Arctic ice room

At the Spa of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, clients who participate in this chilling spa treatment enter into an arctic oasis complete with mint-infused air chilled to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and manmade snowflakes falling from the ceiling vents. While the benches are heated to provide clients with some warmth and comfort, the cold shock of the spa treatment is thought to be the beauty secret that helps reduce hypertension and tighten pores. The treatment is particularly effective if preceded by a hot tub or sauna session.

5. Full-body fish nibbling
Tracked down at the Sampuoton Spa in Selangor, Malaysia, this treatment involves soaking in a warm pool infested with the Garra Rufa fish, allowing the carp-family fish to swarm around and nibble away at dead skin cells. After approximately an hour, the flesh-deteriorating fish have eaten away rough patches of skin and exfoliated the pores, leaving behind an enzyme that slows the return of skin problems such as acne.

6. Fire cupping 

Found at the Honglee Day Spa in Westminster, Colorado, this treatment mimics the traditional Chinese method of acupressure. Fire cupping uses cups heated by fire to remove the oxygen, creating a suction effect when placed onto the skin. Skin may first be prepared with massage oils to help seal out surrounding air and to allow the cups to glide over the muscles, contributing to the treatment’s ability to alleviate muscle aches and pains.


7. Beer bath
This Czech Republic spa treatment, available at the Chodovar Brewery, Hotel and Spa in Chodova Plana, comprises of soaking clients in a warm bath filled with sudsae and hops, herbs, active beer yeasts and foam. Clients are given a frosty mug of beer to sip on while they soak to further induce relaxation during the treatment. The warm temperature is said to encourage circulation and open up the pores, while the hops act as a peel and the yeast adds Vitamin B, protein and saccharides that soften the skin and regenerate the cuticle.

8. Viagra hair treatment
This racy hair conditioning treatment uses Aberdeen Organic Bull Sperm, a product consisting of protein-rich Katera root and actual bull sperm, which is thought to help moisturize and repair dry, brittle hair. The treatment is referred to as “Viagra for Hair” at the Hari Salon located in Knightsbridge, London.

9. Cactus massage
While the name may incite thoughts of pain rather than pleasure, prick-free cactus paddies are used in this treatment to massage a blend of cactus meringue and cactus blossom into the skin. The Hakali cactus massage performed at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico is used for removing toxins from the skin while rehydrating the cells.

10. Hay body wrap 

At the spa in Hotel Heubad located in Bozen, Italy, clients are laid in a hot water bed of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and then wrapped in wet hay harvested from the meadows of Alpe di Siusi. This treatment, referred to as the “Original Volser Hay Bath,” is said to fortify the immune system and stimulate the metabolism.

Originally published online February 2014.

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